Does GitLab supports custom roles?

Hi All,

I am using GitLab community Edition 14.4.4 but couldn’t find an option to create custom roles.

Could anyone help me If you have any idea about custom roles in GitLab?


Hi @devivijaya :wave:

If you mean adding different roles other than guest, reporter, developer and maintainer there currently isn’t such an option.

There is some current investigation/analysis in progress to add support for RBAC: Customizable Roles and Permissions (&4035) · Epics · · GitLab

Looks like it’s still in a very early stage though :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @zillemarco

Thanks much for your prompt response.
Yes, I am checking on creating own custom roles other than guest, reporter, developer and maintainer.

Then I confirm that that functionality unfortunately ain’t implemented yet :sweat_smile:

I expect even when it is implemented, that it will only be accessible for users with paid subscriptions (for obvious reasons). I doubt very much it will be available for people using Gitlab-CE or Gitlab-EE without a license (which effectively then runs as CE anyway but with the ability to add a paid subscription later).

Okay… thank you
Hope this feature to be available to the users soon