Domain Verification Failed

I am having issues with my www sub-domain verification. Even though the website is live and the sub-domain is working.
I added the TXT record for the sub-domain onto my DNS records but whenever i try to verify it, the verification fails.

Could you provide more details of the issue?

What is the exact error you are receiving? Can you copy and paste it here?
Is the DNS you are referring to a DNS on your local network or a public DNS?

I am referring to public DNS.
When i try to add the TXT records to the DNS this is the error I receive.
Its an issue with the www sub-domain.
the root domain is verified and working.

Can you share the DNS records from your provider as a screenshot?

Note: You will need to create a secondary Pages entry for the www. record, and add that TXT recording specifically to the DNS zone.

I have added a TXT record for www as well as the root domain.

Here are the DNS records.