Doubt about Gitlab mirroring


We currently have a local Gitlab CE instance (v13.9.5) and are planning to migrate it to the cloud and keep the internal as a mirror only.

The ideia is that the developers use the local instance only to clone/pull the repository (better network speed) but for the push to go to the instance in the cloud, as jobs/pipelines will run there.
Those who work from home will exclusively use the instance in the cloud.

Can the Gitlab mirroring meet this scenario? Through the documentation Repository mirroring | GitLab
it was unclear whether mirroring can do this and what the development flow would be like if this is possible.

Thanks in advance

Since free Gitlab only allows push mirrors, you would have to make the commits still with your local instance for pull/push and have it mirror to the cloud.

If you want Gitlab pull functionality, which it seems you want to push to the cloud, then you will need to purchase a subscription. Either way, if you push to the cloud you would have to pull from it as well. The same as if local, you would still need to push/pull to the same server, since it’s not possible to specify different servers based on push/pull.