E-Mail Setup not working Gitlab CE


I have trouble setting up email smtp with gitlab. I have followed the FAQ and I can send test emails from within the console. However I cannot send any other emails from gitlab ie cannot change my own email adress (confirmation email just not getting to me).

The error log yields no errors, it just states that the email has been sent.
I have tried sending the email to different mail services (google, gmx, …) but I just cannot get them. And they arent in any spam folders.

What I dont understand is, how I can send emails from the gitlab console just fine.

I am running 9.1.0 c3f0f14 (now I am on 9.1.3 2e4e522) on Ubuntu x64 16.04.2 LTS.

Any help is welcome.



I have changed my mail through the admin interface successfully. Also I found I could add new emails to my account and change them for notification etc. I did get those emails saying I added a new email to my account, but still cannot get the confirmation email in any way. So I think thats a bug.


I have a similar problem. Running Gitlab 9.1.3 2e4e522 on Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS. We’ve installed Outlook as a relay to send mail from Gitlab, and have a dedicated user account for this. Mails do get sent when issues are created or other events where I expect email; but no email gets sent when first joining the local server by a new user, or on asking to resend the confirmation mail.

For the rest, GitLab is running like a dream. Big thanks to everyone who contributed to this project!


I have the same problem with you.