Edit Project Through API: Disable Security & Compliance

We have written a Ruby script to edit all projects according to a common configuration.

      expected = {
        'visibility' => 'internal',
        'repository_access_level' => 'enabled',
        'issues_access_level' => 'disabled',
        'packages_enabled' => false,
        #'security_and_compliance_enabled' => false,
        'operations_access_level' => 'disabled',
        'builds_access_level' => 'enabled',
        'merge_requests_enabled' => true,
        'merge_method' => 'ff',
        'approvals_before_merge' => 0,
        'remove_source_branch_after_merge' => false,
        'only_allow_merge_if_all_discussions_are_resolved' => true,
        'default_branch' => 'master',

Each project has an security_and_compliance_enabled parameter, but that parameter is not part of the API.

How can we disable Security & Compliance for alle projects?

Just ran into the same issue. :^(

Still have the same issue with Gitlab 14.4.2

Same here :expressionless: