Email has already been taken

I’ve added my GPG key to my account and I wanted to add all my emails addresses, so that they would be verified, but for the last one I get the error: Email has already been taken.

I own the email account, so I don’t really understand why it would already be taken or why someone would add it to their account.


It is possible you might have used that email address on different GPG key.

I do have an old GPG key that is expired now, but I’ve never used that one with Gitlab.

It may be expired, but I think you have to delete your old GPG key too.

I can’t delete it because I’ve never had that GPG key on gitlab. In fact I didn’t even have a gitlab account when that key was active.

Are you using windows or mac?

Neither. I’m using Linux.
I don’t have my old GPG key on this machine anymore.

I created it a few years ago, uploaded it to the key servers, I didn’t really use it and then it expired so I removed it from my machine. I’ve got a new one that I use regularly which is also uploaded to the key servers.

Did you create that GPG key using terminal?