Emails on push are not working


We have setup gitlab 10.2.8 and are experiencing issues in receiving email notifications.
The SMTP server is configured, and we receive emails when a user is added to projects.

However when we enable emails for project on every push under the integrations, it doesnt work.
The test mail however works, but nothing after that.

Please assist.


In the integration section, you also configured the “Emails on push” service?

Modify the following url with the information you use:



Yes, I have already done that. Its active and trigger selected for push.
I have also entered my email id as recipient.

When I click on ‘test settings and save changes’, I get an email triggered.
But when I do a push on this repo, there is no email triggered.

Please let me know if I am missing anything here.


Any suggestions please?

What could be, perhaps, is that you have the check in “Send from committer”, and that the commiter does not have a correct or valid address.

It doesnt work either ways. With or without “Send from Committer”.
However when I perform a test and save settings, I do receive an email with all the checkins performed.

Not sure if the emails are getting stuck. Is there any way to check?

Seeing the log with the tail command when doing the push?

I have a similar problem with 11.10.1-ee, though not even the test email works. Any suggestions about what to check?