Embed snippet copy button missing

Hello. I start working on a documentation project today using embed snippets and find that Embed Snippet does not offer an option for fast Copy button like inside GitLab!

This functionality is very important and saves a lot of time when you use snippets for Playbooks, Quick References etc. Now I need to lose time with manual select with mouse and copy, with a button on the place this will be only one action and much more convenient.

I’m not familiar with Gitlab internal procedures for suggestions and features and just post it here, but Please review this request and add the copy button ASAP.

Regards and Happy Holidays to Everyone! :slight_smile:

Hi radosslav,

I will look into officially making an issue or feature request for you regarding this, as I can see the value of it.

In the meantime, you can access a “quick copy” button for any GitLab embed by clicking the file name or on “GitLab” to open the snippet directly on GitLab.

If you have multiple embeds, you can hold ctrl and then click to open each embed script in a new window.

While this method requires an extra click before you can use the “quick copy” button, its significantly easier than manually selecting & copying each snippet.

Best Regards,
Greg M

Thank you myersg86 if you can submit this to the right place! Will be great if this functionality is added soon :slight_smile:

On the eve of the New Year, I want to wish the whole community a lot of Health, Love and More Time for Really Important People in our Life!

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Five months later, there is no progress on this case :frowning: