Empty project page on gitlab.com

Hey there,

for some reason the actual project site on gitlab is empty, it just tells me how to init and push a repo, while the activity page clearly shows i already pushed multiple times.
I can also clone it and get everything - it’s just that gitlab doesn’t seem to see it.
Is there a way to solve this without having to delete the repo on gitlab and trying again?

Kind regards and thanks in advance,


How long ago was the initial push? I’ve seen this before and just waited it out. Eventually the project page showed up with the README and other files present.

It’s been 3 days now

That’s much longer than I had to wait. I think you should reach out to support on this. I’ve been able to work around similar issues with access to the server but that’s not an option for GitLab.com

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Thanks a lot for your help. I will reach out to them!