Empty repository

hey so, we are using self hosting gitlab 13.6.3 on debian system.
There was this outside process call juma which attacked our machine
So, a few repositories went down and showed 404 errors.

Now one of the repositories that previously showed 404 error is showing empty repository niow.

What should i do?

This thread already talks about Juma, which means your system is compromised due to vulnerabilities: Gitlab , git juma - #2 by iwalker

I suggest restoring your server back to when the repository still existed, and upgrade your system to fix the vulnerabilities, otherwise your server will continually be compromised.

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Hey @iwalker we followed Upgrading from 13.12 to Latest - How to Use GitLab / Upgrade - GitLab Forum
which you told us to do previously.

Still the version was same, ours is 13.6.3 ce for now.
there was no reflection of any sort of upgrade.

We are still new to this admin stuff and since it is a production machine we are worried.

Also we are hosting gitlab in bitnami

I can’t help you with bitnami, I use official Gitlab packages. But if the upgrade had been done then the version should have shown correctly. You could reboot the server to make sure and then check version information again. If not, then that would suggest the upgrade didn’t work. Not sure if bitnami is different to the official packages from Gitlab or not. Either way, you would need to post a lot more information, best would be copy the entire text from the console when doing the upgrade so that we can see what is going on.

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Bitnami has documentation for administrative tasks, including upgrades. Unfortunately I have no idea which Linux distribution is used for Bitnami VMs. Suggest SSH’ing into the box and running cat /etc/os-release to figure out whether the package manager is apt (Debian/Ubuntu), yum (CentOS/RHEL), zypper (SuSE), etc. Then follow Upgrading from 13.12 to Latest - #2 by iwalker


It’s likely that your server running an unpatched version of GitLab has been compromised. Please refer to the following resources: