Repos has been disappeared - not self-hosted


My group has been suddenly disappeared from me and other members too
I can’t push or pull, but server can pull normally

So, what is it?


Is this a self hosted instance or a SaaS instance run by gitlab?
Was there a recent change to your instance?
Did this happen after an upgrade or just randomly cut off one day?
Are you the admin of the instance?
What other things have you checked on the instance?

No, it’s not self hosted, it’s SaaS run by gitlab

If you are paying for a service I recommend reaching out to gitlab directly for more immediate assistance. This community forum doesn’t have a guaranteed SLA., and choose the “submit a ticket” option.

I’m not a paid user, I’m a free user

So what should I do?

It was the owner, he put us with expiration date one year, and year has gone :sweat_smile:

Thanks for all.

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Ha! Glad you got the issue solved!