Enable Group Wiki (CE 13.10.0)?

  • We are running GitLab Community Edition 13.10.0

  • group level wiki is not in sidebar

  • the docs say to enable it Wiki | GitLab

to access the wiki for a project or group, go to the page for your project or group and, in the left sidebar, select Wiki . If Wiki is not listed in the left sidebar, a project administrator has disabled it.

There is no such setting.

  • I’m a group owner.

Is there a level above me that has the permissions to enable the wiki for a group? I can’t do it as a group owner?

Hi @oschrenk
As you can see in the docs, Group Wiki is only available in Premium and higher.

At the top of the docs entry for “Wiki” at Wiki | GitLab it says
“All tiers” I guess that doesn’t hold up then.

Do you have a link to the group wiki entry that stated that it is premium only? (your current link to the docs points to an open issue about an issue while upgrading.

Found it myself. The sub entry for group wikis had a different tier description. Wiki | GitLab

That one does indeed say it is premium only

Oh, right. Wrong copy/paste sorry about that :slight_smile: I fixed my link. But you found it already, good job :wink:
Features could have their tier in page as well. This is common for bigger features where smaller features are limited to certain tiers.