Enable KAS on self-managed source install

GitLab’s documentaition shows how to enable KAS using the gitlab.rb configuration. Since I’m using a source install, configuration is done via gitlab.yml.

I confgured the following:

    enabled: true
    # File that contains the secret key for verifying access for gitlab-kas.
    # Default is '.gitlab_kas_secret' relative to Rails.root (i.e. root of the GitLab app).
    secret_file: /opt/gitlab/gitlab/.gitlab_kas_secret
    # The URL to the external KAS API (used by the Kubernetes agents)
    external_url: wss://git.jan-kohnert.de/-/kubernetes-agent/
    # The URL to the internal KAS API (used by the GitLab backend)
    internal_url: grpc://localhost:8153
    # The URL to the Kubernetes API proxy (used by GitLab users)
    external_k8s_proxy_url: https://git.jan-kohnert.de/-/kubernetes-agent/

There are no other options available in gitlab.yml. I cannot verify kas is running using gitlab-ctl status, since the command is not available on a source install.

When testing in one project, I get an error when trying to enable Cluster intgration (I understand, I need to enable this integration first to get the necessary information to install the Cluster-Part).

I’m not sure on how to enable the kas part, and verify, it’s running.