Enable letsencrypt for Pages

I run a self-hosted Gitlab CE server (12.1.1-ce.0) and try to enable SSL support for Pages, but with no success. I enable letsencrypt for Pages on:
"Admin area --> Settings --> Preferences --> Pages ", check “accept term” and enter valid email.
However on “Projects --> Edit --> Setting --> Pages” i see “Support for domains and certificates is disabled. Ask your system’s administrator to enable it.”

I enable letsencrypt on gitlab.rb file (letsencrypt[‘enable’] = true) but that didn’t change anything.

Should I add some more options?


Having this same issue. Cannot figure out why it doesn’t work.

I have a hunch we need to enable custom domains, but I don’t want custom domains, or a second IP on my server.

I open an issue about this problem on gitlab.com:
You can add your comments if you think it is necessary.