Endpoint for GitLab API to create a new file in a repository

I have built a web application with front end in Angular and Springboot microservices for the backend. I have added a functionality where I press this button and some code gets pushed into GitLab repository as a new file. I am using a private GitLab instance and I would like to know what is the URL that I redirect my application to in order to create the file. I am not able to successfully run the curl command on my bash shell for creating a file in a repository. The one I have attached below.

@abhisheksuresh The URL that you supply in that cURL command is the one where your GitLab instance lives. If https://git.mycompany.com is where you’ve installed GitLab, that’s what you’d provide as the start of the URL.

I’ve done that, it is the part which comes after ‘/projects’ that I am confused with. My project ID is 43, and when I put that in place of 13083 and run the command I get a 404 error saying “Project not found”