Environment Variables Documentation Question

How does one get the results in the gitlab-ci environment variable list shown on:


where the CI_BULID_REF_NAME is NOT equal to the CI_BUILD_TAG?

export CI_BUILD_REF_NAME="master"

export CI_BUILD_TAG="1.0.0"

If I tag a commit then the CI_BUILD_REF_NAME contains the tag value, and the CI_BUILD_TAG is empty. I’d like to get the results in the documentation, where the CI_BUILD_REF_NAME still contains the branch and not the tag… and the CI_BUILD_TAG contains a value.

I’m currently using the shell type deployment and echoing the environment variables. GitLab-CE 8.15.2 and CI 1.9.1

There must be a repo configuration setting I’m missing or have set the wrong way? I’m probably missing something really obvious… would anyone give me a hint?

– Thanks - Gregg