Error 503 : Nothing listens to 8080

Hi !
I’m quite new to Gitlab. use it already at my job from an user pov, but this time I look advice as an administrator
I installed Gitlab-CE on FreeBSD 13. Strictly followed the doc (install/ · master · Matthias Fechner / Gitlab-docu · GitLab); all went very fine, when I issue a service gitlab start it goes well, logging :

Starting GitLab web server (puma)
Starting GitLab Sidekiq
Starting GitLab Workhorse
Starting Gitaly
..{"severity":"INFO","time":"2021-11-03T18:29:10.623Z","message":"Starting cluster with 1 processes"}
.{"timestamp":"2021-11-03T18:29:12.160Z","pid":95604,"message":"Puma starting in cluster mode..."}
{"timestamp":"2021-11-03T18:29:12.160Z","pid":95604,"message":"* Puma version: 5.3.2 (ruby 2.7.4-p191) (\"Sweetnighter\")"}
{"timestamp":"2021-11-03T18:29:12.160Z","pid":95604,"message":"*  Min threads: 1"}
{"timestamp":"2021-11-03T18:29:12.160Z","pid":95604,"message":"*  Max threads: 16"}
{"timestamp":"2021-11-03T18:29:12.160Z","pid":95604,"message":"*  Environment: production"}
{"timestamp":"2021-11-03T18:29:12.160Z","pid":95604,"message":"*   Master PID: 95604"}
{"timestamp":"2021-11-03T18:29:12.160Z","pid":95604,"message":"*      Workers: 4"}
{"timestamp":"2021-11-03T18:29:12.160Z","pid":95604,"message":"*     Restarts: (✔) hot (✖) phased"}
{"timestamp":"2021-11-03T18:29:12.160Z","pid":95604,"message":"* Preloading application"}
{"timestamp":"2021-11-03T18:29:48.358Z","pid":95604,"message":"* Listening on unix:///usr/local/www/gitlab-ce/tmp/sockets/gitlab.socket"}
{"timestamp":"2021-11-03T18:29:48.359Z","pid":95604,"message":"! WARNING: Detected 1 Thread(s) started in app boot:"}
{"timestamp":"2021-11-03T18:29:48.359Z","pid":95604,"message":"! #\u003cThread:0x000000086c4113f0 /usr/local/lib/ruby/gems/2.7/gems/rack-timeout-0.5.1/lib/rack/timeout/support/scheduler.rb:73 sleep\u003e - /usr/local/lib/ruby/gems/2.7/gems/rack-timeout-0.5.1/lib/rack/timeout/support/scheduler.rb:91:in `sleep'"}
{"timestamp":"2021-11-03T18:29:48.359Z","pid":95604,"message":"Use Ctrl-C to stop"}

Started in 39s.
The GitLab web server with pid 95604 is running.
The GitLab Sidekiq job dispatcher with pid 95614 is running.
The GitLab Workhorse with pid 95620 is running.
Gitaly with pid 95618 is running.
GitLab and all its components are up and running.

Now it’s time to apache proxy to do its job
But in my browser I get an error 503, nothing particular is logged. But netstat shows me that nothing (should be puma, right?) is listening on port 8080.
Please tell me what additional info (config, logs) I can provide to help solve this