Error: Failed to save state (But the resource is created in AWS)

Hi team,
I created a state file using Gitlab and I’m having trouble with state lock.
I cannot do the plan or apply because the state file is locked
The resource is created, but there is no state file:

aws_s3_bucket_server_side_encryption_configuration.this[0]: Creation complete after 0s [id=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]

│ Error: Failed to save state

│ Error saving state: HTTP error: 404

| Error: Failed to persist state to backend

│ The error shown above has prevented Terraform from writing the updated

│ state to the configured backend. To allow for recovery, the state has been

written to the file “errored.tfstate” in the current working directory.

Running “terraform apply” again at this point will create a forked state,

making it harder to recover.

To retry writing this state, use the following command:

terraform state push errored.tfstate