Error: Forbidden: Your client does not have permission to get URL /gitlab/docker/registry/v2/blobs

I used Gitlab runner and build a docker image and push it on Gitlab docker registry.

When I pull this image on a the server in Iran, this error happens:

error pulling image configuration: download failed after attempts=1: error parsing HTTP 403 response body: invalid character '<' looking for beginning of value: "\n<html><head>\n<meta http-equiv=\"content-type\" content=\"text/html;charset=utf-8\">\n<title>403 Forbidden</title>\n</head>\n<body text=#000000 bgcolor=#ffffff>\n<h1>Error: Forbidden</h1>\n<h2>Your client does not have permission to get URL <code>/gitlab/docker/registry/v2/blobs/sha256/33/33114e5b05a200cc701e0aecc87ab90e8c70efb65b38face1623423b0a6746b9/data</code> from this server.</h2>\n<h2></h2>\n</body></html>\n"

In the server I login and with vpn it works, but without vpn I can’t pull docker image and show above error.

How could I fix it and work normally.