[ERROR] ▶ private method `select' called for nil:NilClass from trivy in Security/Container-Scanning.gitlab-ci.yml

I have enabled the templated container scanning job to one of my projects as documented at Container Scanning | GitLab.

The relevant parts of my .gitlab-ci.yml are as follows:

  - template: Security/Container-Scanning.gitlab-ci.yml

    GIT_STRATEGY: fetch

The job executes and successfully on the public GitLab.com SaaS CI runners, finding my container image and starts to scan it.

However, it fails with the following error message in the logs:

2022-01-15T17:42:16.321Z	DEBUG	OS is not detected and vulnerabilities in OS packages are not detected.
2022-01-15T17:42:16.322Z	DEBUG	Detected OS: unknown
2022-01-15T17:42:16.322Z	INFO	Number of language-specific files: 0
[ERROR] [2022-01-15 17:42:16 +0000] []  ▶  private method `select' called for nil:NilClass
Uploading artifacts for failed job
Uploading artifacts...
gl-container-scanning-report.json: found 1 matching files and directories 
Uploading artifacts as "container_scanning" to coordinator... ok  id=1978977545 responseStatus=201 Created token=yrdMjm-Q
Uploading artifacts...
WARNING: gl-dependency-scanning-report.json: no matching files 
ERROR: No files to upload                          
Cleaning up project directory and file based variables
ERROR: Job failed: exit code 1

A full copy of the log is here: https://pastebin.com/raw/tgqhhQgK or (for those able to see the private job), here: https://gitlab.com/nicolaw/trinitycore/-/jobs/1978977545

I’m fairly confident that I’ve followed the documentation correctly. Is there something I have overlooked, missed or misunderstood here, or is this a bug or an unexpected edge case that needs investigating?

Any and all help is welcomed.