Error with deploy key using Puppet

Janaharan Balasingam
Sep 7, 10:40 EDT
Having issues with Puppet and getting gitlab errors: Please see below. Please let me know if this is the right fix before we implement change. Thanks.
Had a web session with Steve Potter. Had issues with deploying code. Please take a look and see what we need to do to fix issue.
-bash-4.2$ puppet code deploy production --wait
Found 1 environments.
“environment”: “production”,
“error”: {
“details”: {
“corrected-env-name”: “production”
“kind”: “puppetlabs.code-manager/deploy-failure”,
“msg”: “Errors while deploying environment ‘production’ (exit code: 1):\nERROR\t -> Unable to determine current branches for Git source ‘puppet’ (/etc/puppetlabs/code-staging/environments)\nOriginal exception:\nGitLab: Your account has been blocked.\n at /opt/puppetlabs/server/data/code-manager/worker-caches/deploy-pool-1/\n”
“id”: 129,
“status”: “failed”
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Nathanael Cole 11 days ago
Thanks for contacting us with your case. After a bit of research and googling I discovered that that is an error from Gitlab itself, and not Puppet. I found a handy forum post on it here:
I believe in this case you’d need to check your deploy key, and possibly even generate a new one and then set it up on GitLab as well.
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Nathanael Cole 2 days ago
We haven’t heard from you in response to this ticket, so we wanted to make sure you had everything you needed. Following up on the last update, here are a few additional things you can try in order to attempt to resolve your issue.
You can test the ssh key by doing a manual git clone of the repo using the key. In order to do this, please follow the instructions below.
1.Create a ~/.ssh/config file with the following contents, substituting the path to the ssh key.
IdentityFile <path/to/ssh/key>
1.Install git with puppet resource package git ensure=present
2.Try to clone the repository manually.
git clone /tmp/control-repo
If the command above fails, please work with Gitlab to ensure that the ssh key is valid and has the correct permissions in Gitlab.