Error with View a time tracking report


When following the exact instructions in this link: Time Tracking | GitLab

after clicking on the ‘Time Tracking Report’ link on the right sidebar of an issue (for which I have logged several timestamps, the cumulative value of which is correctly being presented above the ‘time tracking report’ link), I receive a blank report (i.e no rows; adding up to 0 hours) and a ‘Something went wrong. Please try again.’ error on top of the page.

Grateful for any assistance.

I can confirm that I’m experiencing the same, with Time Tracking Report for issues on

  • It did work a few days back
  • I’m seeing this on issues, not sure about merge requests
  • I’m using GitLab Next (

I’m seeing the following error in the browser console when trying to open the Time Tracking Report dialog:

A HTTP POST request to responds with:

[{"errors":[{"message":"Variable $id of type IssueID! was provided invalid value","locations":[{"line":1,"column":26}],"extensions":{"value":null,"problems":[{"path":[],"explanation":"Expected value to not be null"}]}}]}]

Thanks for the confirmation and the added info Tim. Given that this is clearly an issue on the platform, any idea how it can be escalated to gain the proper visibility?

Hi Tim, FYI:

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Fantastic. Thanks for linking!