Export gitlab users with emails

When I export users in a gitlab group, I do not see user emails in the exported csv.
I need user emails also exported. Kindly help me find a way to do it.

Hi, as per the documentation: Group and project members API | GitLab

The email attribute is only visible for users with public emails.

so if the user doesn’t display their email publicly, then you cannot get it from this. If you are running your own gitlab server, then as a Gitlab Administrator, you can use the /api/v4/users API endpoint to get the email address for all users on your server and then combine this with the /api/v4/groups/groupname/members list accordingly. But if you are not an admin on your own gitlab server, then you cannot get the email from the user list either, unless it is public. Only admins can see a hidden email address on the user list.

If you are attempting to do this on gitlab.com, then it is not possible.

Thanks Ian, that’s helpful.