Export Group/Subgroup/Project diagram

Is there a way to export the hierarchy of all Groups their subgroups and projects to a diagram such as an image or pdf? We are needing to do some cleanup and re-organizing our projects as we migrated from an existing flat github structure.

You could use the REST API to walk through all groups, subgroups and projects recursively, and print the inventory. This requires scripting, e.g. using the python-gitlab API library. A tutorial with examples can be found in this blog post:

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That’s unfortunate, I was expecting a platform such as GitLab would have an out of the box solution for Ultimate level customers rather than having to consume our programming resources. Thanks for the feedback.

Thanks for your feedback. I’d suggest creating a support ticket, and ask our support teams linking to this forum post — they might be able to help better.

The scripting solution is at the top of my head, having done the inventory for many use cases. I understand that this is not a solution for everyone.

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