External user made internal, can't create projects

After changing an “external” user to an “internal” user by un-checking the “External User” checkbox, the user (me!) still can’t create a new project or see public projects. It’s as if I’m still an external user and the checkbox had no effect.

While enabling OmniAuth for Google Apps, I mistakenly set this option in /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb, understanding it to mean that the provider was external, not that the users provided by the provider should be considered external:

gitlab_rails[‘omniauth_external_providers’] = [‘google_oauth2’]

So then when I logged in using my Google Apps account, I was marked external.

I figured correcting this was a matter of logging in as a local user (root) and unchecking “External…” on the affected account. But even after doing that (and making that account an Admin as well), I’m still treated like an external user.

Is there some other change I need to make?

How else might I investigate this?

I am also bitten by this issue.

Anyone can recommend any workaround short of deleting and recreating the user?