F*ck low contrast documentation!

Reading http://doc.gitlab.com/ce/ makes my eyes bleed. It actually hurts to try to read the text.
Screw low contrast web pages!
See http://contrastrebellion.com/ for more in-depth shaming.

Dude, the doc site is open sourced. It would be much more beneficial if you opened an issue or better a merge request to change the style :wink:

Btw, I had also reported this like a year ago, but didn’t take any action.

Thanks for the rant :fire:

@DanKegel a new font is deployed on http://doc.gitlab.com/ce/. What do you think? We used roboto.

I think can now read it for at least a minute before my eyes get tired.
Still looks a bit thin and light, though.

If it bugs me I’ll submit a merge request, thanks,

I think the contrast is fine…