Facing Issues during merging branches

Hi Team,

I am using Gitlab CE from long time and happy with it. But recently i am using a project based on .Net MVC framework and using Visual Studio 2022 CE. We have 4 specific branches for use as per the environments.

Dev Branch for Developer Team
Test Branch for QA Team

Git Workflow:-

Normal Bug and Features sub-branches create from Dev branch, once work done, sub-branches merge with Dev Branch first and tested by Developer Team.

If the Developer happy with the changes then they merge “Dev” Branch with “Test” Branch.
Note:- Not the sub-branches merge with “Test” branch.

Here in the above scenario, We are struggling with merging of above mentioned branches.

  • Some functionality or codes are missing from both of the branches after merging
  • Some times when comparing both branches showing different codes but during merge its showing “Already up to date, No changes to merge”.