Failed to properly authenticate sending 2GB to GitLab LFS, and now I can't log in

I’m currently using GitLab (free on the cloud) to host a Unity Game Engine project, and decided to upload a rather large package of assets using Git LFS. After properly configuring git lfs on my dev machine, I decided to push up the assets in a single commit. 2 GB into the upload, I get an error in the log saying that I hadn’t properly authenticated (I would love to post the actual error, but I closed it since and haven’t been able to reproduce it.).

I was like “oh, I probably didn’t configure it properly on the project’s end”. I try loading into gitlab only to get a blank page with the text “Forbidden”. This happens on just about every login-based page for gitlab (including the login page itself), and I can’t access anything that isn’t a static page or the forums. I’m not quite sure what happened at this point.

EDIT 1: I am able to view the login page through Tor browser, so I’m assuming it blocked my IP. I’m not sure what to do about that, though.