Failing pipeline image pull for specific users after upgrade to v15.10.0

Since we upgraded to version 15.10.0 (And it’s even happening after upgrading to 15.10.2) we are facing the issue that specific users cannot run the pipelines to completion. It’s self-managed, on Community version, deployed through Helm into a K8s cluster.

The problem in question resides in the fact that only some of the image pulls for some repositories are failing for some users. The runners complain about “Back-off pulling image”, and it is reproducible user-wise. The container registries that are failing are from GitLab itself and also in some cases Google Container Registry.

The situation is awkward because there are no problems with permissions, I even granted these users more permissions to the specific projects, without result. Although everyone who is an Admin doesn’t face these issues, only Developers.

  • GitLab: 15.10.2
  • Runner: All of them 15.10.1

I analysed the logs without much success. The only problem arising in the Kubernetes logs is that the image cannot be pulled.

Any ideas? We’re still facing the same issue, unfixed