Fargate runner with Windows taskdefinition

We are in need to setup a Windows runner to compile some Unity projects. We would like to do it using the fargate runner now that fargate supports windows images to run.

Is this configuration supported? I am following the turoial provided at: Autoscaling GitLab CI on AWS Fargate | GitLab

But I am concerned about the way the runner comunicates and send messages vis ssh to the docker image, as it is a windows server. I can setup an ssh demon on the windows server, but is it going to “understand” the commands it is receiving?

I have nearly everihing already prepared, just trying to figure out how to “Ensure the container image can accept an SSH connection through public-key authentication.” so I will be updating this as I make some tests.

Thanks for your comments.

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Just wondering if you ever got Gitlab running on windows platforms with EC2 or Fargate.

Dear Aabella,

I wanted to inquire about any updates regarding the SSH handshake issue mentioned in your blog post. I am currently attempting to achieve a similar setup, but I am encountering difficulties. I have meticulously configured all the necessary components, including the installation of OpenSSH and gitlab runner & helper and other dependencies, within a Docker image. Furthermore, I have implemented the Fargate driver to inject the public key during container launch. However, despite these efforts, the SSH handshake consistently fails. I am operating within the Windows 2019 full x86 environment.

I would greatly appreciate any professional insights or guidance you may have regarding this matter. Please feel free to provide any recommendations or suggestions that could assist me in resolving the SSH handshake failure within my setup.