Fatal: Authentication failed for 'http://gitlab.domain.com/sampleuser/personal-project/'

Unable to execute a job giltab-ci

We have built the docker container with node-18.12.0-bullseye. Tried registering the gitlab runner as a shared runner to be open for all projects as well as dedicated runner to specific repo.
Every time I run the job, it throws the following error

I have also tried to add the clone_url in config.toml file, but still no luck

Platform details

  • Gitlab Runner Version - 16.1.0
  • Gitlab Version - v16.1.1
  • Executor - Shell
  • The repo is private repository and belongs a specific user
  • config.toml file consists following

We ran into this same issue and it appears to be related to the latest cURL version (8.2.0). We pinned our libcurl and curl versions to 8.0.1 and it fixed the issue we had.

In our Dockerfile:

apk add --update --upgrade --no-cache libcurl=8.0.1-r0 curl=8.0.1-r0 --repository=https://dl-cdn.alpinelinux.org/alpine/v3.14/main

Hi @sean.griffin

Thank you for responding!

In our dockerfile, we are using node:18.12.0-bullseye and when I install curl while building the docker, this is the version of curl I get

I am not sure if that lower version is the cause of any issue
Please help!


I experienced same issue, turns out I have to set SSL even i’m running reverse proxy with SSL

reference: Gitlab-CI Runner HTTP Basic Access denied with private repo (self-hosted)

Hey @xqdzn

Thanks for responding!
We already have that thing setup

can you post your /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb file?

Hey @xqdzn

Sorry for the delay in response, linking you to the gitlab.rb file



I managed to fix the issue, by adding clone_url as same as url to the config.toml file


  • Rolling the container up only (without registering GitLab Runner via Dockerfile). Only installation of gitlab-runner is being taken care of by Dockerfile, registering gitlab-runner is not included
  • Get inside container, register the gitlab-runners manually. Once the config.toml file gets created, add the clone_rule: https://example.com