Feature comparison page out of date? (Re: Object storage for artifacts and LFS)

According to the feature comparison page (https://about.gitlab.com/pricing/self-managed/feature-comparison/), “Object storage for artifacts” and “Object storage for LFS” are available on GitLab Premium and Ultimate.

However, the documentation says “Since version 10.6, available in GitLab Core” (https://docs.gitlab.com/ee/administration/job_artifacts.html#using-object-storage) and “Brought to GitLab Core in 10.7.” (https://docs.gitlab.com/ee/workflow/lfs/lfs_administration.html#setting-up-s3-compatible-object-storage) respectively.

Is the feature comparison out of date, or am I missing something here?

Nice catch! Seems the comparison page is out of date! Pushing a fix in a bit.

Edit: https://gitlab.com/gitlab-com/www-gitlab-com/merge_requests/15656/diffs

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