Fetch Artifacts Authentication Failed in one project, while in another success


I am facing an issue while downloading artifacts produced from GitLab CI/CD. I am working in a group with several projects and my max role is Maintainer. I have produced a token in order to download artifacts generated from CI/CD jobs. What I can see is that when I am using the wget command to get artifacts from Project A I receive “Username/Password Authentication Failed.” error while from Project B the logs end with “Remote file exists.” and I have the artifacts downloaded.

In both cases the command is:
wget -S --spider --header "Authorization: Bearer <TOKEN>" https://gitlab.com/api/v4/projects/<PROJECT_ID>/jobs/artifacts/<VERSION>/download\?job\=<PROJECT_JOB>

One more information is that I can successfully download the artifacts in both cases from the UI on gitlab.com.

Did anyone face any issue like this? Are there any suggestions to to continue the investigation or solve this case?

Thank you