File changes not appeared even after got commit


Please see attached screenshot.
I need your help with a weird problem.
I click and look at a file in git and it shows a 2 weeks old commit
But when I click on history of that file commits, I see a commit made six days ago.

The concern is why this six days old commit changes are not reflecting in current file in repository. I am not attaching screenshots due to security issues.

Team is afraid it might happen anytime and I need to provide explanations.

Click on the commit in the second screenshot (the commit that should have the expected change), that shows you what is actually in that commit.

Thanks for reply.
You are right I can click on commit and even see the changes to file. So i know there was a commit and file was changed. But the problem is when I goto the file and open it, it does not have those changes. Somehow file does not contain the changes made in last commit.
Hope you understand.

Thanks for the help.

I understand, but I’m afraid that was all the help I could be. Sorry