Find all of a specific members contributions to various projects and groups?

I am relatively new to Gitlab, and have questions about mechanisms for reporting member activity. We have used subversion for many years, and one of the things I do from time to time is get a log report that lists all activity in our svn repositories by a particular user (myself or members of our staff).
Is there a mechanism to do this against all the groups and projects we create?
For example, get all activity by john smith (@johnsmith)?

I can go to a project, click “history” and then click the member name in the history to see an activity graph of that member for what looks like the last year. Can I do that more directly (and with arbitrary time limits)?

I could iterate the history of all the projects and extract the transactions for a specific member, but I’m wondering if there are tools in existence that already do this?

FYI, we run a local gitlab server, and also host private groups on (if that matters).