Fixed: Cannot run GitLab DAST Api - Error waiting for DAST API '' to become available

I’m trying to configure our DAST_API Job in order to target the api_url, which is outside of our network.
We are currently using GitLab-EE 15.10 in an self-hosted offline environment and have only access to the internet via proxy.
Declaring the variables HTTP_PROXY and HTTPS_PROXY is a working Solution for other DAST Jobs like the Browser-Based-Analyzer. But it does not seem to work for the DAST_API Analyzer Job.
Is it possible to tell the DAST_API Job to use our proxy in order to target the api_url?

Edit: This seems to be not a proxy based issue I think. It is already mentioned in the docs at

If this post does not meet the guidelines, I’m very sorry. This is my first post. :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

This is the log output:

Update: I fixed this Issue by changing the port to 5000. Now the Target is available! :star_struck:

Hi, i encountered this error but change to port 5000 does not work. Are you able to share your full DAST config to compare against mine?