Git clone is very slow


We are having Gitlab v12.10.14. Whenever we are trying to do git clone it is taking too much time to complete. Normally which repo’s we were able to clone within few seconds that are also taking 2-3 hours to complete clone. We can’t see any error in logs. How to resolve this issue anyone having any idea?

Have you checked to see if you have any processes on your server consuming lots of CPU power? There have been plenty of posts on this forum with people who have compromised installs of Gitlab, even versions in 13.x. Since you are on 12.10.14 I would suggest you check this, and if you find such processes, then it means you have cryptominers utilising all your resources, and you need to upgrade your server and kill those processes as well as ensure they aren’t starting again with cron or something.

Just search for gitlab high cpu here, there are also CVE posts that explain it in more detail.

EDIT: to make it easier:


We have stopped memory consuming processes and restarted application. CPU utilization is also very low in server. Still slowness is there.