Git command (such as git-upload-pack) is not recorded in production.log

Hello all, I have installed GitLab 7.14.3 on centos 7 server.
After I successfully cloned a repository(from git bash command line), I open the production.log trying to find the service record.
However, I can only find logs such as:

Started GET “/OT/test10” for at 2016-03-04 04:21:11 +0800 Processing by ProjectsController#show as HTML Parameters: {“namespace_id”=>“OT”, “id”=>“test10”}

and, cannot find the log such as:

Started GET “/OT/test10.git/info/refs?service=git-upload-pack” for
That’s, all git command(clone, pull, push) cannot be recorded in production.log.

Can anyone kindly help me to solve the problem? because I need to read the log to monitor all git access.

Here is a link to documentation containing information on the different log files used by GitLab and the kind of information they keep:

If you are on omnibus you can use the following command to view a tail of all logs at the same time: sudo gitlab-ctl tail

You can also tail individual processes by doing: sudo gitlab-ctl tail SERVICE_NAME. The service name can be: gitlab-workhorse, logrotate, nginx, postgresql, redis, sidekiq, unicorn

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