Git Going 5k - An All-Remote GitLab Event!

Festive 5k for Gitlab Community- walk, run, bike, bring the dog… we hope you join us. :running_woman: :dog2:

About this Event :fox_face:

Get ready for GitLab’s Git Going 5K! Join us in your local time zone on Oct 30th to complete a 5k in any format that works for you (e.g. walk, run, bike, unicycle). Bring your friends and family to join in the fun!

A couple of days before the event, we’ll share print-at-home bibs for participants. Share a photo of yourself and your bib on social using #GitLab5K for a chance to win our new GitLab runner tee!

We encourage costumes for those celebrating Halloween. :ghost: Use #GitLab5k on your social channels so we can all connect!

Click this link to register! :sparkles:


in case anyone else also doesn’t know what 5k means in this context, i believe this is it:

apparently the best runners officially completed the 5km in about 14 minutes (give or take 45 seconds for men vs women)… but it’s advised to do it at your own pace, which is more likely to take 1h30 on an average walk - unless you’re from kenya, then it must be 30 minutes or something!

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Trust me, it will take me MUCH longer than 14 minutes to walk/run/crawl this 5k. :joy:!

Like you said, @cregox, do it at your own pace! :running_woman: :running_man: It’s just for fun!

I’d actually consider doing this :thonk:

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