Git or GitLab?

We installed Git on our centos server, but I’m not sure if this was the right thing to do. We wanted to use GitKraken as a GUI and have a feeling GitKraken does not connect to a local Git repository directly. Should we uninstall Git and install GitLab? Can we install GitLab on top of Git? Any ideas welcome.

Stay away from GitLab if you run CentOS (>= 6) !!

No matter what way of install you select, you will end up with broken gitlab and/or broken whole system. I personally do not recommend GitLab as a git server in production environment.
If you really want to go with GitLab, try to install it in test env first, or go here and let GitLab host your repo for you (you can either import repo, upload files, or create new one). Just remember to set visibility to private.