Git push not working

I have just setup GitLab on a vm using https. Everything works as expected until I try and push to the server from my client machine. I installed a ssh-ed25519 key and keep getting the enter password prompt. There is no password associated with the key. I ran " ssh -vvvT git@" and it appears there is no response.
This is what I see in the ssh -vvvT git@ output :

`debug3: send packet: type 50

debug3: receive packet: type 51

debug1: Authentications that can continue: publickey,password

debug3: start over, passed a different list publickey,password`

I can ssh into the host from the client but can’t push to the host. I have searched the internet, but could not find anything that was relevant. I have set up GitLab on a vm before and never had any problems.

Thanks in advance

Cleaned the post up a little.

As you’ve just setup GitLab I suspect you installed the latest 12.9.0 version.
That version has issue .
A fix should go out in 12.9.1.
To fix it right now you can rebuild the authorized_keys file by running:
gitlab-rake gitlab:shell:setup

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Thanks for the response. I had already fixed the issue by installing 12.8.7 then updated it to 12.9.0 and everything works fine.