Git push over ssh


I have a problem with my new gitlab server.
when ever i try to push somthing to gitlab over ssh with ssh key i run into a problem where after the key auth is good the server asks for password for and it do not get pushed at all.
If i push or pull over HTTP it works fine

The server is setup using Docker and template docker image on an Ubuntu 16.04 server.
I have changed the ssh port on both the server and in the gitlab config

I can how ever push with the same key to another gitlab server, with out problems so i dont think the key is the problem


Try to see the log when doing push, you may be able to get some error

docker logs --tail=1000 -f container-name

Check that your ssh port is mapped to your container correctly:

$docker ps | grep gitlab

88e9c8c8fda9 gitlab “/assets/wrapper” 26 hours ago Up 26 hours (healthy) 443/tcp,>22/tcp,>80/tcp

Check that your public key is known by gitlab on both the container’s IP address and on the external IP address:

$docker inspect gitlab | grep IPAddress

“IPAddress”: “”

$ssh -p 22 -T git@

Welcome to GitLab, chdev!

$ssh -p 4008 -T git@

Welcome to GitLab, chdev!