Gitaly Chart Deprecated, How to Move to VM?

The current GitLab Helm chart has a CRITICAL warning saying the Gitaly chart is “included for evaluation purposes only”.
This is news to me, didn’t even know it was possible to run it separately. But I’m not able to find any documentation on how to move it.

I suppose I could just install a Gitaly VM, and copy the data from /home/git/repositories in the gitaly POD, and hope it works.

But it would be nice if the referenced doc at Installing GitLab by using Helm | GitLab said something about what’s involved in moving Gitaly to a VM from Kubernetes.

You can read about it here Gitaly and Gitaly Cluster | GitLab. There is also a section related to migration.

It only talked about migration for Gitaly Cluster. All I need is a single node.
In Moving repositories managed by GitLab | GitLab it talks about some solutions for moving repositories. Perhaps a backup and restore is the best option.

Looks like there are official instructions now at Configure the GitLab chart with an external Gitaly | GitLab