Gitaly uses only one core

Hi all!
When I do a very large pull to the repository, the following command is executed on the gitaly node

“/var/opt/gitlab/gitaly/run/gitaly-1062/git-exec-2704495872.d/git index-pack --stdin --pack_header =2.277265 --keep=receive-pack 76567 on git-server --show-resolving-progress --report-end-of-input --strict=badtimezone=ignore,missingspacebeforedate=ignore,zeropaddedfilemode=ignore --fix -thin”,

but only one core is used 100% of the two available. And the operation takes a very long time.
Why does this happen?
Why aren’t both cores used?
When I run a similar command locally on my PC, more cores are used.

One core chugging during giant Git pulls? No bueno! Seems like Gitaly’s not playing nice with both your cores. Here’s the gist.

Single-core slowdown Gitaly’s using only one of your two cores for “index-pack,” making things crawl.
PC party time Same command on your PC uses multiple cores – what gives?

Possible fixes

Tweak Gitaly settings, Check if GitLab’s config lets Gitaly use both cores.
Git trickery. Try special commands or environment variables to unleash multi-core magic. ‍♀️
Resource check. Make sure your system has enough juice for Gitaly to spread the workload.
Git upgrade Maybe a newer Git version can party with both cores?

If these quick tips don’t work, remember, the GitLab community and support are your allies