GitFlow in GitLab


anyone have any idea (or official information) if GitLab will (or not) implement the GitFlow Process (release, feature, develop, master, hotfix, support branches)?

I only find this subject in stackoverflow but it’s not so much clear.

I know that exists the GitLab-Flow but it’s not good for the approach of kind of software that we develop in our company, GitFlow is the best for our business.


You implement the GitFlow process yourself, using Git as the tool. GitLab gives you some tools to help facillitate this, like the issue tracker, merge requests etc. But Git itself if the tool that helps you implement this.

@dbartlett, I know that is possible to implement the gitflow process by myself but the question is exactly if the GitLab in any time will provide this native implementation, forcing the main concepts of the GitFlow process (for example, the merge of a release branch will automatically go to the develop and master branch). It will be very important to minimize some erros that can occcur during the execution of the process. In my opinion, if GitLab implement the GitFlow Process it will be one more feature on the tool to capture more customers, because many companies needs all the rules that GitFlow has. The GitLab-Flow is more simples and depending of the type of software doesn’t fit. The SmartGit Tool give the option to use the GitFlow Process but don’t do the server management like GitLab.