GitHub import failed

Hi there,

I’m using Gitlab-ce 7.14.1. The application is in an LXC container, behind an Nginx. There is a Squid proxy to handle the outgoing HTTP and HTTPS connections.

I’ve followed the instructions, and set up in /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb the OAuth section for GitHub. On GitHub, I’ve made the new application.

When I create a new project, and choose the GitHub as source, I see all of my repositories. Then I choose one, and start to import - but after few seconds (may be a minute), GitLab says “failed”. Then I’m going to my projects, and I see the created project as same name, than it exists in GitHub, but GitLab indicates, the repository is empty.

What’s wrong here? How can I import an existing repo from GitHub?



Additional info: after I get the “failed” info, I move to my projects page, there is the new project, but I got this answer:

No repository

The repository for this project does not exist.
This means you can not push code until you create an empty repository or import existing one.

I choose [Import repository] button, then I got a message:

Import failed. Retry?

Import existing git repo []

Then I start to import the repository, but that also runs to an infinity loop.

If I run the command from cli:

git clone --bare tlf

then repository made, and I can use that.

What missing from the GitLab instance?