GitLab 15.7 released introducing the GitLab CLI and with browser-based DAST GA

New blog post on the GitLab blog by Dilan Orrino! Check it out here:

Upgraded the CE version on a Raspberry-PI (32-bit) and gitaly seems to have a problem:

gitaly (13:panic: unaligned 64-bit atomic operation.)

Downgraded back to 15.6.3 and it’s all fine again.

I’m new here, please let me know if this should be posted somewhere else

I’ve seen other reports of the gitaly 64 bit problem in 15.7. Is there an issue open so we can track the resolution?

I’m also taking part in this other thread…
I’m sorry, as I’ve said, I’m new here… I don’t know of any open issue, how could we open one?

Here would be the best place to open an issue for it: