Is the latest GitLab 22.04 supported & certified to run on Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS

Hi all,
While a seasoned Linux Engineer, I’m new to installing, configuring and using GitLab.
Looking through what information I can find about the latest GitLab EE server requirements for standalone install, it only specifies Ubuntu 20.04 LTS and 18.04 LTS.
Is Ubuntu Server 22.04 LTS verified or certified by GitLab to install the latest GitLab EE ??
While I’m sure it will install and run, is it supported on 22.04 LTS?
Just trying to make sure our setup is properly supported and compatible.
Thanks in advance.

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Packages for jammy (22.04) are being worked on:

But everybody I’ve read about says that the focal (20.04) packages just work on jammy, it’s probably not supported, but I’m having a hard time imagining problems that would arise from that. I don’t remember what you’re required to fill in when creating a support ticket (GitLab mostly works fine, so I haven’t needed to do so recently enough for me to remember), but as a seasoned Linux engineer you should be able to figure out if it matters, and if not just give the distribution the packages are made for.

Thanks Heaps.

Are you Lads still working on it? I tried to install it on 22.04 LTS, but failed. No package was found when I use the default repository.
Also, on the main site, no sign of official install guide for 22.04, only 20.04.

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Just to make it absolutely clear: I don’t work for GitLab, and didn’t work on this, I just knew that link. And while employee participation has gotten better, this forum is still mainly for the community, so I don’t think anybody who might have worked on this comes by, so technically the answer to your question is: We never were. But that is quite irrelevant.

It seems official packages for jammy were released along with 15.5 on saturday, so I guess that not much work is going into now. There might be work going on to update the webpage.

Adding on what @grove mentioned (Thank you), CE & EE Packages for ubuntu/jammy (22.04 LTS) are available for 15.5.0 and 15.5.1 versions of GitLab. Your installation should work @bertalan.imre. I will work with the relevant teams to update the website guide.

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It does. Thank you very much for all your work from the Team :slight_smile: