GitLab and Gerrit + more advanced features

I am a big fan of GitLab, and use it for my personal projects - although not perfect, the benefits and features outweigh the bad, and I have enough workaround to make my system work.

I have found GitLab is great when running my personal projects - especially when working as a single developer.

I am now trying to introduce git into a more professional environment, Gitlab will work from a user perspective, and I can even integrate with an LDAP server if need be. Groups can be configured, and Gitlab gives all the users a nice interface to work with. Plus as an admin it’s kinda nice to relax with common tasks in the GUi. However, I would like to integrate Gerrit as well. As far as I can see Gitlab nicely wraps around standard git, so this shouldn’t be too big an issue - but I haven’t seen much written about it. Is it possible? What precautions need to be taken? Will it break anything on the Gitlab side of things?

If im honest. I’m thinking about moving to a stock git + gerrit installation, but the ease of use for end users with Gitlab is a very attractive feature.

does anyone have any help/opinion on this?




  Any updates on this , i am looking for the same integration but couldn't find any documentation to implement it.

You can checkout some useful scripts I made publicly available to improve the communication between GitLab and Gerrit.