Gitlab API and creation of user

I’m trying to create a user using gitlad api:

git.createuser({‘name’: ‘John Doe’,‘username’: ‘jdoe’,‘password’: ‘s3cur3s3cr3T’,‘email’: ‘’})
TypeError: createuser() takes exactly 5 arguments (2 given)

print git.createuser.doc
Create a user

    :param name: Obligatory
    :param username: Obligatory
    :param password: Obligatory
    :param email: Obligatory
    :param kwargs: Any param the the Gitlab API supports
    :return: True if the user was created,false if it wasn't(already exists)

Where is mistake?

I’m sorry.
git.createuser(‘John Doe’,‘jdoe’,‘s3cur3s3cr3T’,‘’)
it’s work.